No One Enjoys a Cold Shower

No One Enjoys a Cold Shower

Hire a plumber for water heater repairs in East Haven, CT and all of New Haven County

Whether you’re in need of a repair or a replacement, E-Z Service & Maintenance Contractors, LLC will offers expert water heating services to meet your needs. Our crew of professionally trained plumbers are ready to handle your hot water boiler and hot water heater repairs as well as tankless boiler installations. Not sure if you’re plumbing system is working properly? Ask for a heat-loss calculation to determine the efficiency of your residential or commercial plumbing system. Call 203-887-6005 today to schedule an appointment in East Haven, CT and all of New Haven County.

3 signs of a failing water heater

Don’t wait for a leak or lack of hot water to let you know your water heater isn’t working. There are various indicators that your water heater will soon need a replacement, such as:

  1. Your water heater is more than 10 years old.
  2. You notice rusty water when you turn on hot water.
  3. You hear rumbling and banging when the water is being heated.

When you’re concerned about a potential water heater failure, a plumber will determine the cause of the problem and find the best solution. Contact E-Z Service & Maintenance Contractors for the water heater repairs you need.